Boho Dream Herbal Sachet - Dreamy Blue Batik

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Boho Dream Herbal Sachet - Dreamy Blue Batik

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Using herbs for sleep can really work to promote tranquil dreams. This rich blend of organic herbs insures that you will get the restorative sleep we all need. Great for someone in recovery or in hospital, this relaxing dream pillow can assist with falling and staying asleep. 

Tuck the sleep sachet into your pillowcase and inhale the naturally soothing scent and feel yourself fall into a deep sleep that will leave you feeling so refreshed and ready for your busy day ahead.

Hand-dyed dreamy blue batik fabric
Blend of 7 organic dried herbs
Eco-friendly ingredients -no fillers or harsh chemicals

Great for insomnia
Deeply relaxing
Sleep inducing
Comes with food-grade storage bag
Detailed instructions included

6" x 4"

Mugwort to help you get to dream state.
Hops induces sleep. First discovered by hop-pickers!
Marjoram is more sleep inducing than lavender.
Lemon balm scent helps you gain sleep quickly.
Lavender to aid relaxation and ease tension.
Chamomile to help sleep and calm the mind.
Rose petals are mildly sedative to help you relax.

You can revive the scent by giving your dream pillow a gentle squeeze.

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