Trio of Linen Lavender Sachets - Neutral Shades

linen lavender sachet set stripe cream and nacy blue

Trio of Linen Lavender Sachets - Neutral Shades

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These classic linen lavender sachets will bring the scent of summer into your home year round.

They can be used to refresh a closet or drawer, or can sit on the bedside table to fill your sleep space with calming scent.

Not only can these be used in closets and drawers but they're also great to pack along for travel anxiety. Just toss in your carry on, and when a little relaxation is needed, take a few deep breaths of the heavenly scent of lavender. Ahhh!

* European flax linen in three modern neutral colors: Country Stripes, Fresh Cream and Navy Blue
* Pure organic dried lavender buds
* Moth and insect repellent
* Sweet summer scent all year long
* Tuck into travel bag or pillowcase
* Includes instruction card

3.5" x 5" Each
You will receive 3 sachets