young girl with blue eyes holding lavender bunch in a fieldin lavender field

My Story

Everyone has a story; mine begins in the French countryside, with delightful childhood dreams in peaceful fields of lavender. 

I grew up in the States, but had extended family in Annot, France (not far from Nice). As a child, I visited every other year or so, and these memories are some of my fondest. Romping through the bright fields of sunflowers and lavender with my five cousins by day, we were reluctant to spend any time indoors. Come nighttime, we loved camping out in the flower fields near the vineyards. 

Sleeping In Fields

Sleeping in fields of lavender, I experienced particularly captivating and peaceful dreams, some of them even prophetic (but that’s another story). We always slept soundly, fully restored and energized for the next day's adventures. 


Those memories of delightful dreams born in this bucolic setting have never left me. I simply love the fresh, restful scents of lavender, chamomile, roses, lemon verbena - all the heavenly fragrances the earth has to offer. Now, many years later, I wanted to recreate the wonder and enchantment I experienced as a child running through fields of fresh lavender, sleeping well at night and dreaming of adventures yet to come.

Dream Field Studio

Thus Dream Field was born. Working and playing as hard as we do, we all sometimes need help to sleep better and relax more. In this over-connected world, we all need to take a break, and breathe in this wonderful life.

I am a member of the American Herbalist Guild and a Certified Herbalist.