Lavender Heat Wrap with Washable Flannel Cover - 2.5 Lbs.

lavender spa heat wrap open to show 24" length

Lavender Heat Wrap with Washable Flannel Cover - 2.5 Lbs.

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My weighted lavender heat wrap is filled with a blend of flax seeds, dried organic lavender and essential oils.  The super-long 24” size generously fits around your neck and shoulders. Use it for neck pain, backache, tight shoulders, or to ease tension and anxiety.

You’ll love the soft feel of the washable flannel cover, which comes in three gorgeous prints. Even better, you’ll enjoy how easy it is to use. Simply heat it up in your microwave to use at home, your car or the office. Its moist penetrating heat will soothe your muscles and relieve the pain.


* 3 fabric choices
* inner bag has three channels for flexible use
* washable soft flannel cover
* organic lavender buds and flax seeds
* great for sore neck, shoulders, and headaches
* aromatherapy and weighted flax seeds relieve stress
* microwavable for quick use
* comes with food-grade storage bag
* detailed care instructions included

8" x 24", 40 oz.

Flax seeds to retain heat.
Organic dried lavender for relaxation and delicious scent
Essential Oils for to promote calmness and relieve anxiety

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