Herbal Dream & Sleep Sachet for Tranquil Nights - Navy Dots

Herbal Dream Pillow, navy polka dot fabric, scalloped edges

Herbal Dream & Sleep Sachet for Tranquil Nights - Navy Dots

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The practice of using herbal dream pillows for sleep dates back to the 16th century.  They are still one of nature's best remedies for sleep. Filled with a blend of botanicals, this dream pillow is sure to give you blissfully peaceful night's sleep and you'll wake refreshed and ready for your busy day.

The amazing blend of sleep-inducing herbs emits a pleasing but subtle scent that is not overpowering and will work gently to relax you and let you fall into a deep sleep. Simply scrunch before going to bed to activate its aromatherapy properties and relax.

White polka dots on navy blue cotton fabric
Blend of 7 natural dried herbs
Eco-friendly ingredients -no fillers or harsh chemicals
Aids restful sleep
Relieves anxiety and restlessness
Perfect for travelling and better sleep in hotels
Reactivate by giving a gentle squeeze
Savory scent (not floral) 

6" x 4"

Chamomile to aid quality sleep.
Rose Petals are mildly sedative to help you relax.
Mugwort to help you get to dream state.
Hops induces sleep. First discovered by hop-pickers!
Marjoram is more sleep inducing than lavender.
Lavender Buds to improve sleep and induce calm.
Lemon Balm reduces anxiety and stress and eases insomnia.



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