Herbal Sleep Sachet for Deeper Dreaming - Navy Script

Dream Pillow Herbal Sleep Sachet Navy Script

Herbal Sleep Sachet for Deeper Dreaming - Navy Script

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Sleep is one of our most basic needs and many of us simply do not get enough. This herbal dream pillow will gently relax and calm you and quickly send you off to dreamland.

Restful sleep is something your body needs to repair itself and boost your immune system and a simple herbal dream pillow is surprisingly helpful. All of the herbs used in this blend have long been known for their relaxing properties.

White script on navy blue cotton fabric
Blend of 7 natural dried herbs
Eco-friendly ingredients -no fillers or harsh chemicals
Aids restful sleep
Relieves anxiety and restlessness
Perfect for travelling and better sleep in hotels
Reactivate by giving a gentle squeeze
Savory scent (not floral) 

6" x 4"

Chamomile to aid quality sleep.
Rose Petals are mildly sedative to help you relax.
Mugwort to help you get to dream state.
Hops induces sleep. First discovered by hop-pickers!
Marjoram is more sleep inducing than lavender.
Lavender Buds to improve sleep and induce calm.
Lemon Balm reduces anxiety and stress and eases insomnia.

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