Essential Oil Pillow Spray for Better Sleep - Bliss Mist

Bliss Mist pillow spray blue glass bottle

Essential Oil Pillow Spray for Better Sleep - Bliss Mist

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There is nothing like the scent of fragrant flowers to improve mood and open the door to better sleep. This Bliss Mist will fill your sleep space with the powerful scents of jasmine flowers, may chang fruit and lemon blossoms, transporting you to a faraway warm and sunny climate. Now drift off to sleep and wake refreshed and energized to face the next day!

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Reusable cobalt blue bottle 
Handmade in small batches
Free of phthalates & parabens
Blend of therapeutic grade essential oils
Great for insomnia and travel anxiety
Deeply relaxing and dream enhancing

SIZE: 2 oz. bottle

Witch hazel and glycerine to help scent linger longer
Distilled water
Jasmine Absolute to fight depression and insomnia
Bergamot to relax and alleviate anxiety
Clary Sage for stress reduction
Lemon to uplift mood and help with depression
May Chang promotes positive feelings and can increase sleep time

Shake well, then generously spray onto bed linens and pillows before bed, or spray onto your wrists, rub them together and breathe deeply.

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