Lavender Heat Wrap with Soft Washable Cover

lavender spa heat wrap closeup of pink plaid fabric

Lavender Heat Wrap with Soft Washable Cover

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This cozy lavender heat pad will become your go-to for comforting sore muscles, menstrual cramps or even easing simple anxiety. This magical microwavable pad is weighted with flax seeds and filled with fresh organic lavender buds to provide soothing relief and moist, penetrating heat.  So soothing for neck, shoulders and backaches. 

You’ll love the soft texture of the 100% cotton flannel cover, which you can remove for easy cleaning. Even better, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to use.  Simply place it in your microwave and heat it up. Perfect to use at home, in the car or while sitting at your desk.

* 3 fabric choices
* organic lavender buds and flax seeds
* inner bag has 2 channels for flexible use
* washable soft flannel cover
* great for lower back, cramps and headaches
* aromatherapy and weighted flax seeds relieve stress
* microwavable for quick use
* comes with food-grade storage bag
* detailed care instructions included

6" x 14",  22 oz.

Flax seeds to retain heat.
Organic dried lavender for relaxation and delicious scent
Essential Oils for to promote calmness and relieve anxiety

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