Relaxing Flower Tea - 1 packet

flower tea handcrafted in brown packet

Relaxing Flower Tea - 1 packet

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This calming tea features chamomile, one of the most well-known plants to reduce stress and promote natural sleep, along with soothing and fragrant field flowers known for their calming and relaxing properties. 

The blend was inspired by a French tea discovered in Nice which worked so well to relax me, I had to create something similar. If you have a tea lover in your life who needs a little relaxation, then this flower tea infusion is ideal.


  •  totally natural and organic
  •  wild flower blend
  •  helps with anxiety
  •  calms and soothes
  •  caffeine-free
  •  great bedtime tea
  •  eco-friendly packaging

Chamomile to aid quality sleep.
Rose Petals are mildly sedative to help you relax.
Orange Peel to regulate blood sugar levels.
Oat Straw soothes the nervous system and relieves depression.
Lavender Buds to improve sleep and induce calm.
Lemon Balm reduces anxiety and stress and eases insomnia.

SIZE: .2 oz. You will receive 2 sachets of tea. Each sachet makes 2 cups of tea.

Place 1 tablespoon of tea into a loose tea diffuser or tea ball. In a heat safe cup, steep tea in 8 oz of boiling water for 5-7 minutes. Sip slowly and enjoy. 

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