Weighted Lavender Eye Pillow with Washable Cover

lavender eye pillow with organic cotton cover blue spa print

Weighted Lavender Eye Pillow with Washable Cover

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A weighted lavender eye pillow that radiates calmness, especially with this serene blue watercolor pattern, can be just the thing. Feel your worries wash away as you enjoy the calming scent of lavender. 

The eye pillow can be used warm to relieve headaches, neck aches, and anxiety. Or use it cold to ease tired muscles, relieve hot flashes or after a heavy workout. It can enhance your yoga routine or fight insomnia.

This handy pillow comes with a washable cover made of soft cotton law over an inner muslin bag.

Calming blue watercolor print on soft cotton lawn
Organic lavender imported from France
Flax seeds hold heat better, last longer than rice
Great for meditation
Deeply relaxing
Microwavable for quick use
Can also be chilled
Detailed care instructions included

10" x 4"

Flax seeds to retain heat.
Lavender to aid relaxation and ease tension.

You can revive the scent by sprinkling a few drops of lavender essential oil on your eye pillow. WARNING: Never put essential oils directly on eyes, nose or mouth.


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