Large Lavender Heat Wrap - Flannel Cover, 8" x 24", 2.5 lbs., Pink Plaid

lavender heat wrap with 3 channels and pink plaid flannel cover

Large Lavender Heat Wrap - Flannel Cover, 8" x 24", 2.5 lbs., Pink Plaid

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Indulge in comfort with my "Luxury Edition" Lavender Heat Wrap  - an oversized marvel crafted to envelop your neck and shoulders or down your entire spine in blissful warmth.  Filled exclusively with flax seeds and organic lavender buds, it's a wonderful way to melt away neck soreness, release tension from tight shoulders, and provide overall relief from anxiety and stress. 

Enjoy the soft washable cotton flannel cover.  The innovate three-channel inner muslin bag allows for flexible placement tailored to your unique needs. Simply heat it in the microwave for a mere three minutes and experience the penetrating moist heat that targets your areas of tension and soreness.


  • Washable soft flannel cover in pretty pink plaid design
  • Inner bag with three channels for customized placement
  • Exclusively filled with organic lavender buds and flax seeds
  • Specifically designed for soothing sore necks, shoulders, and spines 
  • Aromatherapy and weighted flax seeds work synergistically to relieve stress
  • Microwavable for quick, convenient use
  • Detailed care instructions included

8" x 24", 40 oz.

Flax seeds to retain heat.
Organic dried lavender for relaxation and delicious scent
Essential Oils for to promote calmness and relieve anxiety

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