Large Lavender Heat Wrap - Flannel Cover, 8" x 24", 2.5 lbs., Soft Green Dotted

lavender heat wrap with 3 channel in muslin bag with soft green flannel cover

Large Lavender Heat Wrap - Flannel Cover, 8" x 24", 2.5 lbs., Soft Green Dotted

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Immerse yourself in penetrating warmth and the sweet scent of lavender with my "Luxury Edition" Lavender Heat Wrap – a generously sized marvel designed to cocoon your neck and shoulders or drape seamlessly down your spine in pure warmth. It can also be used for menstrual cramps or body aches from flu.

Exclusively filled with flax seeds and organic lavender buds, this wrap offers a delightful solution to alleviate neck soreness, relieve tension in tight shoulders, and provide an overall escape from anxiety and stress.

The innovative three-channel bag ensures adaptable placement tailored to your unique requirements. Warm it in the microwave for just three minutes, and bask in the penetrating moist heat that precisely targets your areas of tension and soreness.


  • Washable cover in spring green flannel with white polka dots
  • Inner bag with three channels for customized placement
  • Luxuriously soft and washable flannel cover
  • Exclusively filled with organic lavender buds and flax seeds
  • Specifically designed for soothing sore necks, shoulders, and spines 
  • Aromatherapy and weighted flax seeds work synergistically to relieve stress
  • Microwavable for quick, convenient use
  • Detailed care instructions included

8" x 24", 40 oz.

Flax seeds to retain heat.
Organic dried lavender for relaxation and delicious scent
Essential Oils for to promote calmness and relieve anxiety

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