Medium Lavender Heat Wrap - Flannel Cover, 6" x 14", 22 oz., Pink Plaid

lavender heat wrap pink plaid showing inner muslin bag

Medium Lavender Heat Wrap - Flannel Cover, 6" x 14", 22 oz., Pink Plaid

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Melt away stress and soreness with this versatile Lavender Heat Wrap. Crafted from pure, natural ingredients and fibers, this weighted wrap lets you take a serene pause in your day, as the calming scent of lavender and gentle warmth soothe and relax sore areas. The wrap is perfectly sized to comfort the neck, lower back, or to provide relief from menstrual cramps or body aches from flu. For those of us who are worriers, the lavender scent can even alleviate simple anxiety. And kids love it as a foot or hand warmer at night.

You'll love the soft texture of the 100% cotton flannel cover, easily removable for a hassle-free cleaning experience. Revel in the simplicity of use—just place it in your microwave for about a minute and let it envelop you in warmth and the sweet scent of lavender. 


  • 100% cotton flannel cover over a cotton muslin bag
  • Muslin bag has 2 channels for flexible placement
  • Ideal for neck, lower back, cramps, and headaches
  • Microwavable for quick, convenient use
  • Detailed care instructions included 

Size: 6" x 14", 22 oz.


  • Flax seeds to retain heat
  • Organic dried lavender for relaxation and a calming scent
  • Lavender Essential Oil for aromatherapy benefits

Elevate your self-care routine with the Lavender Heat Wrap—an exquisite gift from nature for a comforting experience.


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