Mini Heat Wrap - Thermal Therapy Pack, Hand & Foot Warmer, 6" x 12", 16 oz., Mauve Pansies

mini heat wrap Thermal Therapy Pack in purple pansy print cotton bag

Mini Heat Wrap - Thermal Therapy Pack, Hand & Foot Warmer, 6" x 12", 16 oz., Mauve Pansies

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Melt away stress and focus on your sore spots with this handy Thermal Therapy Pack - a natural way to dissolve stress and target your body's sore spots. Handcrafted exclusively from golden flaxseed and organic dried lavender, this compact therapy pack invites you to take a tranquil pause in your day and quickly enhance your well-being. 

Tailored to perfection, the Therapy Pack is the ideal companion for alleviating discomfort in your neck, forehead, knee joints or hands affected by arthritis.  Immerse yourself in the calming essence of natural lavender, a scent renowned for its ability to lower blood pressure and alleviate anxiety.

And it's not just for adults; this versatile wrap also doubles as a cozy hand or foot warmer for kids at bedtime. Slip one into your bed on chilly nights for an extra layer of warmth. Easy to use, simply warm the Lavender Heat Pack in the microwave for about a minute and apply it to any areas that need special attention.


  • Pretty pink and white pansies on mauve background
  • 100% cotton bag has 2 channels for personalized placement
  • Microwavable for quick, convenient use
  • Moist heat improves blood flow and alleviates muscle aches
  • Portable and perfect for travel
  • Detailed care instructions included 

Size: 6" x 12", 16 oz.


  • Flax seeds lasting heat retention.
  • Organic dried lavender for relaxation and a soothing aroma
  • Lavender Essential Oil for additional aromatherapy benefits

Elevate your self-care routine with the Lavender Heat Wrap—an exquisite gift from nature for a comforting experience.


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